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ALL SCORES 100 is a ed-tech publication company and educational institute  which provide the notes i.e. Solutions of all subject at free of cost on the website , the site has been developed to provide the education facility and the true product to the students who are really in need and have no sufficient money to invest for their education in any mode , the educational institute have been also formed to provide the education at very low cost , the cost at which none will provide the authenticated study material and full-fledged lectures.


v Core Management:

The Organization have the expert team of each subject who are highly qualified and experienced in their field , the whole design of notes has been done by these specialized team to avoid any kind of error in the solutions of the questions.

v  Key :

Specific Faculties ⇔ specific Chapters

v Focussed Area :

    1. Academic Subjects Solutions ⇔ Theory and Video , practice question papers , Shortcuts ,    tricks and techniques .

    2. Entrance notes (Cet , Neet , Jee - Main and Advanced , law) ⇔ Theory and Video

    3. All Competitive exams ⇔ Theory and Video .

History :

ALL SCORES 100 which is one of the leading ed-tech publication company and educational institute in today’s education sector have great motivational story  behind its establishment. The organization is established by Er. SureshKumar Yadav who is also a founder and chairperson (Current ) of the this organization.

v Idea of establishment:

while working in education industry near about 9 years Er. SureshKumar Yadav says that he have seen lots problems which was face by students in today’s education system , the problems was mostly face by students from economically weaker section or from illiterate family since in Indian education system , education system is same for everybody but it has its own versatility in teaching system because of which there many talent in the country remain unpolished due to which now days perception about education is changing person to person and students to students due to which the unemployment issue is increasing.So after visualising everything clearly and very closely Er. SureshKumar Yadav decided to developed an organization which will provide free education to the students of all section not only in India but also all over the world.

v Establishment:

This organization have been started in the year 2015-2016 on the day of Mahashivratri in Mumbai with the name “ Ahira Educators” , though the organization was charging very less from the students but there were some students who were still not able to pay the whole fee so it was very difficult to run the organization since the other educators were charging very high per lecture so after running the institute about 5 years 6 months , the decision was taken to developed such a organization which will provide free education to all students no matters from which society or background they come from , then after lots of research and analysis Er. SureshKumar Yadav laid the foundation of , for all education sector.

Founder : Er. Sureshkumar Yadav (sky)

Establishment Date : 18th June 2020

Aim and Objective :

The aim and objective of the company , website and institute's is to provide world-class free education worldly …

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